Thursday 26 September 2019

Is Air Fryer Worth Buying?

Is an air fryer worth buying? That is the question that is on the minds of most people as the air fryer revolution continues.

As the time passes values constantly change. Even though kitchen may be the first thing where traditions are kept, cooks still need new variations, to make food fit in modern standards. 

When new technologies are advertised as substitutes of older ones, we wonder if it is worth to invest in new things when you already have old and trustworthy ones. 

Air fryers have got very popular over the few years. You can find them in most of the passionate cooks’ kitchen. But air fryers like all cooking applicances have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

If you are willing to buy one, first ask yourself, is it worth of spending money? I will try to show you all the aspects which should be considered while making a decision.

First of all, let’s make clear what air fryer really is and what it can do for us. An air fryer is basically a compact convection oven that cooks food rapidly using super heated air. 

A fan within the appliance circulates the air for even and efficient cooking. This leaves food crispy on the outside while moist on the inside. The result is similar to deep frying but without the excess oil.

Advantages of air fryers:

First of all, modern lifestyle is not healthy in general. People like junk food and oily stuff, they like roasted chicken and salty, oily French fries. Air fryers can offer a healthier version for almost all kinds of food, including vegetables. 

Even though, blogger Meghan Splawn writes: “While I found I could air fry most vegetables (think: potatoes for fries) with less oil than I needed for deep frying, I still needed about the same amount of oil I’d use for oven-roasting in order to really make them taste comparable.” 

Yes, maybe nobody really wants air-fried, healthy fries. What about meat? Air-fryer is actually really
good at deep roasting. So, if you love big dinners and huge chickens on the menu, then you should definitely think about getting the alternative of an oven.

Air fryer is not just good for frying, it also offers a greater range of functions. You can heat up leftovers or cook frozen convenience food with it. 

They even bake! You can enjoy muffins or biscuits which were made in air fryer.

Everything is done in minutes. Quick meal is something we all need after a tiring day. We just want to have something tasty, but usually tasty needs a long time. Air fryers offer us fast, healthy and really tasty food.  

“The convection technology utilized by air fryers –the circulation of superheated air – increases the rate at which heat from the fryer is transferred into your food,” we read at 

Apparently the air fryer can cook all meals by 50 percent faster than the oven.

Also, air fryers are quite easy to use. If you are not a chef and mess things up in the kitchen, you can just trust your air fryer. Put the timer and temperature on and then continue doing your job. When the cooking is done an air fryer will just let you know.

Air fryer can be good if you are trying to help the environment by your green lifestyle. Air fryers are energy efficient. They use much less electricity than the ovens do.

They also don’t heat up the kitchen as ovens do and cooking in summer is way more comfortable than it has ever been!

Disadvantages of air fryers:

Okay, we’ve talked enough about how air fryers can make our lives easier, but there is one thing we have to consider while making a decision.

Maybe you are going to feel a slight difference in taste. It is not a surprise that something fried in oil will taste way more fatty than something made in air fryer.

Actually, this is a good side of air fryers. We just have to adjust to the difference in taste, in order to feel healthy. After all, air fryers still make delicious and fast meals for us.

The biggest concern is financial issues. An air fryer costs about three times more than deep fryers. You can find hundreds of brands that sell this alternative “oven” from $70 to more than $300. 

So, is it worth buying a new fryer when we already have one? In my opinion, yes, it is worth spending $70 or perhaps even $150 dollars on something that will help you and your family to choose healthier way of living. 

We invest our money at first, but then we cut down on oil, money saved by oil can be much at the end of the month.

To conclude, you have to first try before making a decision. Maybe you just love oil so much that you can never say no to the oven. However, after all, air fryers are compact and comfortable. Using them will only make lives and dinners better.

Below is a video showing some simple low carb recipes that you can easily prepare when you buy an air fryer.


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